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Samuel Hannaford & Edwin Anderson

The Ventilation tower stood on the grounds of the Ohio Female College.

The Marcus Fechheimer house, 22 Garfield Place; advertisement for Fechheimer's.

Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton Railroad Depot was located at Fifth and Baymiller Streets.

Samuel Hannaford built his house on Derby Ave. in Winton Place.

The Cincinnati Workhouse and hospital was the largest commission of the Anderson & Hannaford partnership.

The Daniel Buell Pierson, Hillcrest Road in College Hill; advertisement for Pierson's business.

John R. Davey mansion, “Oakwood” in College Hill.

Fire Engine Co. #19 (better known as old Zino’s restaurant in Corryville.) 

Selected other Anderson & Hannaford Buildings extant:

Miami Medical College, 217 W. 12th Street (Currently used as the Drop Inn Center) Over-the-Rhine.

Christ Episcopal Church Glendale, Sharon, Erie & Forest Avenues. Glendale.

Holy Name Church (Zimmerman mansion), 2448 Auburn Avenue. Mt. Auburn.

West Virginia State Capital, Charleston, West Virginia. 

Samuel Hannaford Solo

Cummins School...2601 Melrose Avenue and William Howard Taft Road.

St. George Church 42 Calhoun Street. 

The Cincinnati Observatory....designed by Hannaford.

McMicken College (original building), University of Cincinnati, was constructed on Clifton Avenue. 

Grand Hotel corner of Central Ave. bounded by 3rd and 4th Streets; advertisement for the Grand Hotel.

Samuel Hannaford & Edwin Procter

The original building of the Queen City Club was designed in 1876 by Hannaford & Procter.

The Emery Hotel was constructed on Vine Street., below 5th Street; advertisement for the Emery Hotel.

The Episcopal Church of Our Saviour, 65 E. Hollister Street., was originally designed by Hannaford & Procter. 

Episcopal Church of the Resurrection, 7348 Kirkwood Lane, Fernbank.

Music Hall at 1243 Elm St. between 13th & 14th Streets.

Other buildings by Hannaford & Procter:

Mt. Washington Mortuary, Mt. Washington Cemetery

Hartwell United Methodist Church, Parkway Circle & Woodbine Avenues., Hartwell

Glendale Town Hall, 80 E. Sharon Road., Glendale .    

Samuel Hannaford Solo Again

Hannaford was the supervisor for the Cincinnati Post Office and Custom house, bounded by Fifth, Sixth, Walnut and Main Streets, known as Government Square

Alms & Doepke Department Store, 222 W. Central Parkway; Hannaford designed three houses for William Alms, one house and two apartment buildings for Frederick Alms. The Alms Hotel was converted from one of the Alms apartment buildings.

Spring Grove’s Norman Chapel.

The Nast German Methodist Episcopal Church 1310 Race Street. 

Walnut Hills Presbyterian Church   at the corner of William Howard Taft Road and Gilbert Avenues.; the corner bell tower, all that remains of the church, is a neighborhood landmark. 

Lombardy Apartments  318-326 W. 4th Street.

Thomas Emery and his son John hired Hannaford as their architect for many of their buildings: Thomas’ house “Edgecliffe” in Walnut Hills; Emery tenement houses; Oritz Apts., 4th & Sycamore Streets.), Alta Apts.; Brittany Apts., 100-104 W. 9th Street.; Saxony Apts. 105-111 W. 9th Street; Normandy Apts. Race & Longworth Streets., Palace Hotel 6th & Vine Streets; and the original Emery Hotel (with Procter as partner).  Hannaford also designed “Emery Row” apartments on Scott Boulevard in Covington, Ky.

Edgecliffe” overlooked the Ohio River and was the home of Thomas Jr. and Mary Hopkins Emery; later, part of the Edgecliff College campus.

The Camp Washington School (18th district school), demolished in 1994.

The Palace Hotel, now the Cincinnatian Hotel, 601 Vine Street.

Alexander McDonald House “Dalvey” was built in Clifton.

The Elsinore Tower entrance was once the main approach into Eden Park.

John Church Company 4th and Elm Streets.

Musik Verein Halle, 1115 Walnut Street.

Winton Place Methodist Church Church, Parsonage, and Sunday School at 700 East Epworth Avenue.

Turner Hall, 2728 Vine Street., Corryville.

Schiel School  2821 Vine Street., was remodeled by Hannaford & Sons. 

College Hill Town Hall on Larch Avenue.

Probasco Fountain is a non-house example of Hannaford design.

H. & S. Pogue Co. and  H. & S. Pogue Flats in Walnut Hills. 

People's Theater interior renovation.

Other Samuel Hannaford buildings from this period:

Monroe Co. Courthouse, Woodsfield, Ohio.

Greene County Courthouse, Xenia, Ohio.

Washington Co. Courthouse, Marietta, Ohio.

Henry Powell House & fence, 2209 Auburn Avenue, Mt. Auburn.

Samuel Hannaford & Sons

City Hall This is the City’s finest surviving example of Richardsonian Romanesque architecture. While Music Hall made Hannaford’s reputation, City Hall secured his name for posterity. 

Sacred Heart Chapel  Hannaford & Sons added this Gothic chapel to the “The Windings,” the Lafayette Avenue home of pork baron William Clifford Neff.

Hoffner Lodge, 4120 Hamilton Avenue., Northside; the lot was donated by Jacob Hoffner, whose house was across the street where Hoffner Park now stands.

Krippendorf-Dittman & Co. this building at 7th and Sycamore Streets was the second building on the site, replacing one destroyed in a fire.

George Nelson Stone house on Oak Street. is the second that Hannaford built for the owner.

Shubert Theater originally built for the Young Men’s Christian Association, this building is remembered as the Shubert Theater.

Odd Fellows Temple this 7 story building dominated the corner of Seventh and Elm Streets. 

The Richard Mitchell mansion was built for the son of furniture millionaire Robert Mitchell. The Robert Mitchell Furniture Co., located on W. 4th Street, later became McAlpin’s. 

“Parkview” (1895) The Clifton home of George Barnesdale Cox sits at the corner of Brookline and Jefferson Ave. 

Charles B. Russell (1890) house on the corner of Brookline and Wentworth Ave. 

Sorg Opera House (1890) P. J. Sorg Tobacco Factory (1890), Sorg Mansion (1887), Sorg Cottage (Lake View, N. Y.) 

Armory of the Ohio National Guard  (1886) on Freeman Avenue was home to the 1st Regiment.

Sisters of Mercy Academy and Convent (1897). The Sisters of Mercy are a teaching order and founded Edgecliff College. 

St. Francis of Seraph College (1898) St. Francis of Seraph School (1908)

Van Wormer Library  (1899, NeoClassical) was added slightly later, designed by Hannaford & Sons.

The Citadel (1905), 114 E. 8th Street, was built for the Salvation Army.

The Phoenix Club (1893) was built as the first private Jewish businessman’s club in Cincinnati.

Calvary Episcopal Parish House and Sunday School (1887) 3766 Clifton Ave.

The Westwood United Methodist Church (1896, Westwood Methodist Episcopal church) was built on the corner of Epworth and Urwiler Avenues.

Northside United Methodist Church (1887, Northside Methodist Episcopal Church) stands  at the corner of Chase and Delany Streets.

Eden Park Water Tower (1894), Pumping station (1889) at the Reservoir.

Our Lady of Providence Academy and Chapel  (1902) Founded by the Sisters of Divine Providence is in Newport, Ky.

The Strobridge Lithographing Co. (1882), the Model Laundry and the Bell Telephone Exchange are Hannaford & Sons buildings. 

6th Street Market (1896) stood between Elm and Central Aves. Hannaford had designed the Pearl St. Market House earlier in his career and the firm also designed the Jabez Elliott Flower Market, 6th Street.  

Weidemann house, brewery and stables (1893, Newport, Ky.)

Statehouse Judiciary Annex (1899-1901) was designed in the Neoclassical style to house judicial offices and state library. 

Columbia Tusculum 6th District Patrol Station (1901) now known as Jeff Ruby’s Precinct Restaurant is at Delta Ave. and Columbia Parkway. Hannaford also designed the Methodist Episcopal Church across the street at the corner of Delta and Columbia Aves. and the Yeatman Masonic Lodge diagonally across the street. Another example of a Hannaford & Sons Patrol Station is District 8, Fairview Heights (1895), 355 W. McMillan Street. 

Twin Towers (1902, Methodist Home for the Aged) 5343 Hamilton Avenue, College Hill.

East End Public Library, Columbia Tusculum (1906, 3738 Eastern Ave.)

Memorial Hall (1908, Hamilton County Veterans Memorial Building) Elm St.

Ohio Mechanics Institute (1909), Emery Auditorium (1911)

Cincinnati General Hospital (1912, 1915, 1928) The hospital moved from its location next to the Miami & Erie canal at 12th street in 1914. 

Dalton Street Post Office was designed by Hannaford & Sons in 1932-33. 

Times Star Building Samuel Hannaford & Sons designed both of the Time Star buildings. 

The Emanuel Community Center at 1308 Race St. was built by Hannaford & Sons.

Mt. Storm Shelterhouse (1935) This modern stone pavilion overlooks the Mill Creek Valley.

Other Hannaford & Sons buildings of interest:

1st Universalist Church, 1898, 2600 Essex Pl., Walnut Hills

A. E. Burkhardt house, 1887, 400 Forest Ave, Avondale

Archbishop’s Residence,1911, 5440 Moeller Ave.,  Norwood

Avondale Masonic Lodge (Avon Lodge) c 1910, Windham near Reading Road

Bethesda Hospital, 1937, old section

Booth Memorial Hospital, 1915, E 2nd St., Covington

Cheviot Masonic Lodge, c 1910, Harrison & Montclair

Cincinnati Federation of Colored Women building ,1888, 1010 Chapel

Cincinnati Orphan Asylum Children's Home , 1937, now a doctor's building, Wellington Place, Mt. Auburn

Cincinnati Public Library, 1954, old section, downtown

Crosley Corp. Main Manufacturing Plant, 1937, Colerain Ave.

Deaconess Hospital, 1937, old section, 311 Straight St., Corryville

Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1890, Stanton Ave. & Wm. Howard Taft Road, Walnut Hills

H. W Derby building, 1884, Elm & W. 4th, South east corner

Holmes Hospital, 1937, Eden & Bethesda Ave.

Hooper building, 1893, 131-151 W. 4th Street

Hooper building, 1893, 4th & Elms Sts.

Monroe County Courthouse,1906-1908, Woodsfield, Ohio

Mother of God, Church & School remodeling, 1900 & 1905, W 6th Street, Covington, Ky.

Mother of Mercy Academy, 1922, 3036 Werk Rd.

Northside Presbyterian Church,1894, Hamilton Ave., Northside

Norwood Masonic Lodge, c 1920, Weaver Ave.

P. R. Mitchell Co., c 1900, Harrison & Spring Grove Ave.

Papenheimer Building 1887, 221 W. 4th Street

Police Patrol Station #5, 1896, 1024 York St.

Price Hill Masonic Lodge, c 1915, Price & Purcell

Ransley Apt. Building, McMillan & 2309 Kemper (Walnut Hills)

St. Paulus Facade,1900,1117 Pendleton, Over the Rhine

U. S. Post Office, 1937, Government Square

United States Playing Card Co.,1910, U. S. Printing Co.,1909, Beech and Park Aves., Norwood

Vernon Manor Hotel, 1926, 400 Oak St.

Virgo County Courthouse,1888, Terre Haute, Indiana

Walter Fields Residence, 1884, 3725 Reading Road, Avondale

Washington Co. Courthouse,1901-1902, Marietta, Ohio

Westwood 1st Presbyterian Church, 1926, 3011 Harrison Ave.

Winton Place School, 1888, old section, 4750 Winton Rd.

Wyoming Presbyterian Church, 1888, 225 Wyoming Ave.


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